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The “Friends Uniting Neighbors” (F.U.N.) Team was established by Carnival Foundation in 1997 as a grass-roots organization designed to go a step beyond traditional volunteer service initiatives. The program provides employees opportunities to venture out into the community and offer hands-on help where it is needed most.

Rather than donating money or participating in company-sponsored events, Carnival employees who are members of the F.U.N. Team seek out community-service organizations.

“Throughout my years at Carnival the F.U.N. Team has given me the opportunity to serve meals at homeless shelters, walk dogs at the humane society, pickup and classify debris at a beach cleanup, and even make ice cream sundaes and play catch with great kids at a foster home. This employee-driven volunteer organization is another aspect that makes our company special.” – Gregg Zalkin, Former F.U.N. Team Co-Chair

Disaster Relief: A Bridge to a Better Future

In addition to its philanthropic efforts, Carnival Foundation assists communities in times of crisis, providing disaster relief to stricken areas. The Foundation has donated millions of dollars to organizations that assist those most affected by disasters.

Organizations that have received support include the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, Mercy Corps, Save the Children Australia, Florida Hurricane Relief Fund, Direct Relief, Partnership for Recovery, Save the Children, UNICEF, United Way of America Hurricane Response and Recovery Fund, Project Medishare, Robin Hood Relief Fund, Habitat for Humanity International and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.

Carnival Corporation employees also organize fundraisers, collect and deliver supplies, donate items and volunteer their time to rebuild impacted communities.

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