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Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program

In 2007, Carnival Foundation launched an in-the-workplace mentoring program for high school students. Those chosen are graduates of the HEAT Academy, an after-school academic-enrichment program sponsored by Carnival and offered at three at-risk Miami-Dade County elementary schools. HEAT Academy graduates who meet the program’s middle school grade criteria are invited to participate in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program as high-school freshmen. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, in collaboration with Carnival Foundation, matches each “little” with a Carnival “big” and offers support throughout the year in many capacities.

I’ve been in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program more than 10 years. For me, it’s about giving back and making a difference. I had a tumultuous childhood, and it took one person in my life to say: I think he can do better; I’ll take responsibility for him. Because of that experience, I relate to a lot of the kids. I relate to a lot of their struggles. I couldn’t be more appreciative to have the opportunity to participate in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program and see it translate into success with the kids.

-John Harshaw, Vice President of Global Infrastructure at Carnival Cruise Line

Currently, 100 Carnival management team members serve as mentors to 100 Miami-Dade County high school students. During the school year participants visit Carnival headquarters for four hours monthly to shadow their Carnival “big” and observe them in an office environment.

In their senior year, Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program participants can apply for one of 15 college scholarships Carnival Foundation purchases annually from Florida Prepaid College Foundation.

Scholarship & Mentoring Album

Carnival has purchased 330 scholarships valued at more than $6.5 million, and has awarded 226 to mentoring program graduates. The first class of the scholarship recipients graduated from college in 2014.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program, someone is always willing to help. Raise your hand and ask questions.”

-Stephanie Hernandez, Class of 2010 Scholarship Recipient; Florida State University Graduate