Sailing Toward a Brighter Future Together

Whether it’s the number of families helped by one of our partners or moving words about how our program changed a student’s life, Carnival Foundation is proud of the impact we have and the lives we touch.

Impact Through our Grants in 2017/2018:


  • 3,039

    Children with life-threatening illnesses served through The Painted Turtle’s Medical Specialty Camp

  • 800

    At-risk girls supported by Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program

  • 2,750

    Youth served through Boys & Girls Clubs after-school programs

  • 680

    Homeless women and children assisted at Lotus House

  • 3,572

    Foster youth assisted through Voice for Children’s Needs Program

  • 2,789

    Women assisted by Women in Distress of Broward County’s Emergency Shelter and Supportive Service

  • 89,211

    Volunteers offered one-on-one friendships with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities assisted through Best Buddies International

  • 2,000

    Students assisted to gain admission into college by OneGoal’s college-prep program

  • 450

    Students supported in Junior Achievement’s BizTown Educational Summer Camp

  • 20,000

    Students from Miami-Dade’s highest need schools assisted by Teach for America’s educational programming

  • 2,713

    Youth and adults received swim lessons through the YMCA of South Florida’s Mobile Aquatic Program

  • 700

    Elementary students educated on conservation through the Zoo Miami’s Carnival Kids Program

  • 7,311

    People with intellectual disabilities able to participate in Special Olympics in Baltimore

  • 7,000

    People served through Branches’ Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Program

  • 18,000

    Diabetes patients served through JDRF’s outreach programs

  • 1,150

    Children served through Baltimore’s Port Discovery Children’s Museum’s after-school enrichment programs

  • 5,000

    Clients received support services through the SantLa Haitian Neighborhood Center

  • 200

    Students and their families served through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s College Camp

  • 200

    Girls able to participate in the Honey Shine Mentoring Program’s summer camp

  • 65,000

    Served through visits and educational programming by Museum of Discovery and Sciences

  • 821

    Homeless served by Broward Partnership’s programs

  • 21,383

    Students educated through Florida Grand Opera’s educational outreach programs

  • 2,095

    Students educated by the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Ocean Science Education Program

  • 1,722

    Children assisted by Kids in Distress FIRST Program

  • 20,000

    Students educated in 50 schools through City Theatre’s educational outreach programs

  • 16,681

    Cancer patients received  free medical care from La Liga Contra El Cancer

  • 40,000

    Children served through visits and educational programming by Miami Children’s Museum

  • 650

    Children with special health care needs assisted by the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s Dental Clinic

  • 1,200

    Students served through Breakthrough Miami’s academic enrichment program

  • 539

    Wishes granted to terminally ill children by Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • 784,110

    Food-insecure individuals assisted in the region by Feeding South Florida programs

  • 4,764

    Warm coats distributed to low-income children through Operation Warm

  • 7,000

    Cancer patients assisted at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center through Dolphins Cancer Challenge



“I had never met anybody like Marty Goldman. He’s almost like a second father figure to me, he’s guided me through a lot of things that my actual father didn’t. He’s always been there for me, he’s willing to listen to the problems that I’ve faced, willing to help me through school, through any of the struggles that I’ve ever faced, and that’s really what matters to me. That’s what a friendship should be about.” — Jodennis Sanchez, graduating class of 2016 Scholarship Recipient; majoring in Psychology at Miami Dade College

“The Carnival Kids Programs has stimulated the interests of students in science and technology. We see an increase in class performance as well as students feeling empowered as environmental stewards. Thank you for bringing this immersive educational program to our students.” — Ms. Nunez, Principal of John G. Dupuis Elementary School

“Getting to know my ‘little’ and getting to see him grow, mature and make the right decisions has been the most fulfilling aspect of this experience.” — Rick Miguez, Carnival Corporation’s vice president and deputy and general counsel; mentor in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program

“The Zoological Society’s Carnival Kids Program has exposed our students to South Florida’s environment and living things around them. It gives them the opportunity to make a difference.” — Michelle Llama from Mandarin Lakes k-8, 5th grade

“The care that our son Aaron received at the Carnival Cares for Kids Center at Holtz Children’s Hospital was excellent. The medical team made each day so much better with their compassion and expertise. We felt like we were constantly surrounded by family during our son’s five weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit.” — Sammie Willis and Katherine Beaton

“Going from freshman Steven to senior Steven, knowing that it was all worth it and I was finally able to pay for the university of my dreams, it’s great to know that those four years with my mentor, Scott Nelson, vice president of shipboard human resources for Carnival Cruise Line, really paid off to get the Carnival scholarship.” — Steven Ortiz, graduating class of 2015 scholarship recipient; majoring in Civil Engineering at the University of Florida

“Four years ago I was a shy person, it would be hard for my mentor to get me to say anything. He has seen me grow into a better person. Now I can finally speak in front of people. We finally have conversations and he’s helped me through that and given me advice. He’s been through it all with me.” — Harold Lopez, Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program student and scholarship recipient

“Honey Shine helped me make new friends. The program has taught me new things and how important it is to care for one another.” — Camila Mora, Honey Bug

“I think everyone can do something to make our community a better place, be it through their work or volunteering their free time. I’m glad that the Carnival Foundation and the F.U.N. Team help make that easier for us with so many different types of volunteering opportunities. It’s great to know that our company cares about the community and very rewarding to see the impact we can have with just a little bit of our time.” — Christian Deese, Business Analyst, Deployment Implementation, Fleet Deployment, Carnival Cruise Line, 2015 F.U.N. Team Volunteer of the Year

“I came into the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program always knowing one person could make a difference, and I wanted to be that one person for someone. When I go home at night I share my stories of being a mentor with my own children, and I’d like to think it makes me a better person and a better dad.” — John Harshaw, Carnival Corporation’s vice president, global IT infrastructure; mentor in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program

“I know the program is called Big Brothers Big Sisters, but he really played the role as my father here at Carnival. He also made sure that I was intact… he played a huge role in my high school success.” — Keno Tate, graduating class of 2016 Scholarship Recipient, speaking about mentor Gregg Zalkin, Manager, Group Strategy at Carnival Corporation & plc.

“Most of these students have never been to the Everglades or had up-close encounters with animals. This opportunity has furthered their awareness of the environment and their actions. Thank you for all you have done for these students.” — Mr. Hudson, Teacher at William A. Chapman Elementary

“Through the F.U.N. Team, I’m able to go out into the community with my work family and do something that will make a difference in someone’s life. One of my favorite projects is the Bay Oaks project. Watching the residents become competitive over bingo and helping those who may not be quick enough to see the numbers on their card win a game really starts my Saturday off on the right note!” — Petra Helstone, Former F.U.N. Team co-chair

“I’m the first person in my family to go to college. I’m doing better for my family and everyone is in a better place. You work hard, go to school every day, try to get your grades right, try to get the Carnival scholarship and when you finally get it, it hits you all at once. I think if I knew my mentor at a younger age, my parents would have chosen him as my godparent. Everything you see out of me in the Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program is because of him. I look up to Arnie [Perez, Carnival Corporation’s general counsel and senior vice president, legal]. The suit, the way I dress, he taught me everything about that.” — Alex Moody, student and scholarship recipient

“We the Honey Bugs want to give a special thanks to you and your team for all of the wonderful things you do for Honey Shine. We want you to know how much we appreciate everything you do for us; all of the extra time and effort you put into providing us with what we need does not go unnoticed.” — Zaria Jones, Honey Bug

“This program actually gives so much to the mentor. Watching Karen develop over the last few years has been extremely rewarding; she’s come in with such hope and such optimism, and watching her progress, to me, is greatest gift I could ever ask for.” — Caroline Lombardi, director of youth experience, Carnival Cruise Line, speaking about her Little Karen Ortega, graduating class of 2015 Scholarship Recipient

“He’s grown. I’ve grown. You know he’s helped me, what he doesn’t realize, just in becoming a better person. And that’s what I think a lot of people don’t realize, mentoring is so deep and profound that the mentor grows form this process.” — Vladimir Lindor, senior family support specialist, Guest Care Team, Carnival Cruise Line, speaking about his Little Samuel Dervil, graduating class of 2015 Scholarship Recipient

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